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It’s been a while since we last saw soshi performing on stage… don’t you miss them already? T__T

Luckily, the girls recently did a mini-concert at the Caribbean Bay Water Park, so we can all like… de-stress or something.

Sica loves it it it it it it it ah!

2PM performed a week(?) earlier, so this was a stage featuring SNSD only. According to Yurui912@twitter, the song list was:

SNSD at Caribbean Bay Concert :: Show!Show!Show! → Genie → Interview → Oh! → Run Devil Run

However, I could not find any videos of Run Devil Run, so this leads me to believe that they performed Gee instead. It’s also a bit unfortunate that we couldn’t hear the Cabi Song with only soshi singing on stage. Only fancams are available online, and I’ve went through them all to compile the best ones. We get to see some cute moments of the girls fooling around and enjoying themselves now that they’re on break from promotions~

Pics at bottom.

Yul swims for Cabi on her solo part in Oh!:

Mushroom (and a bit of Ice Princess) doing fanchants during Oh!, Soshi are their own biggest fans afterall.

Oh! performance (Sica bias) –  She senses what’s about to happen at 2:20: Byun-Yul!

Gee performance (Sica bias) – Arre yu raedy?

Show! Show! Show! performance (Sica bias)

Genie performance (Yoong bias)

An unlucky (or lucky?) mosquito

Pic Spam! There’s definitely a lot of sica ones in the mix for all the gorjess spazzers.

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