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*Points to title* And the answer is… YES! Our awesome girls have topped it for being the ‘most wanted celebrity people I want to meet in the holidays’ !

According to KBS Cool FM’s recent survey that was conducted throughout the whole nation of the adult population totalling  12, 050, SNSD took first position with 8.6% of votes! This was followed by  Yoo Jaesuk, who came second with 4.2% of votes and Lee Seungki with 3.6%.

Also, this survey revealed that (mostly) the men voters chose SNSD, whilst the women chose Lee Seungki. The  20-30 year old age bracket group chose SNSD, whilst the 40 year old age group selected Lee Seungki. Hmm.. this tells a lot about SNSD’s popularity with male fans in Korea 🙂

SNSD’s Oh! was listed as one of the most wanted songs to listen to during the holidays, along with Yongpil’s Set out on a Trip and Cool’s Woman of the Beach.

Congratz Girls!

Credit: Soshistruck, Hyunjin808, Oh Narae @ soshified, images: google