MAJOR PROPS to the folks down at Soshified who yesterday secured 280 FLOOR SEATS at SMTown Live in LA this September. Through careful planning, organization, and several hours on the phone, they were able to get tickets for the Soshified members who ordered. As seen in the picture, Soshified Sones will be entirely in Floor Section 3 and a little of Floor Section 4. Huge congrats to Soshified f0r this accomplishment. They got the tickets fair and square with smart planning and hard work. And I’m sure the girls will appreciate the sight of their fans uniting for them 🙂  Kudos Soshified, you’ve made us proud.

Check here for more info about selling, trading, and buying tickets: http://soshified.com/forums/index.php/topic/48496-ticket-selling-buying-and-trading-thread/

Credit: Soshified