Following Sooyoung, Jessica has also made a UFO Star Call. I think this is her first Star Call, and she’s looking mighty adorable (even though she is getting skinnier) and her hair looks kinda darker too.  Her voice is like the cutest thing ever 🙂

Translation thanks to Hyunjin808

Hello, I’m SNSD’s Jessica. It’s nice to meet you. Are you overcoming this hot weather? I’m keeping healthy. I’ll inform you of ways to stay cool and enjoy summer. There’s nothing that says you need to listen to dance music during the summer, so ballads are very good to listen to too so please listen to SHINee’s 욕 (慾) (Obsession). Please love SHINee a lot, please love SNSD a lot, and please love Jessica a lot. Bye~

Gotta love the SMTown fambam.

Credit: Youtube (kjw6676) and Hyunjin808 for translation