My fellow writer has already uploaded the links for the newest HahaMong Show, but I’m just gonna have some highlights from the show for those that can’t watch the whole thing.

During the show, a highlight reel of our own shikshin was shown. Enough talk lets look

Also, I think its a fair consensus that Tiffany’s one of the most sensitive girls in the group, well guess what she’s revealed that someone else, our kid leader, is equally sensitive:

Tiffany then said, “Taeyeon seems really easygoing so you don’t expect that anything is wrong with her but she gets hurt a lot.” Taeyeon explained, “When I have a problem, I try to solve it myself. So I talk about it with my mom a lot.”

T_T let us take care for her not to feel the pressure

credits: allkpop, written by: SilentArchangel