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No seriously though, who doesn’t? šŸ˜‰

In this update: Yoona & Sulli’s graduation photos, more from Yoong’s vacation, and that company known as Innisfree.

Yoona’s graduation photo looks just like how you would expect it: pretty and bright as always. It’s one of those ‘ahh… there’s something different about angels’ type of moments y’know? Of course, Sulli looks really pretty also, but I’m kinda biased. XD Thinking about it, there would be (at max) 18 extremely lucky people that get their picture next to a Soshi member in their high school yearbook. The thing is probably worth its weight in gold if you were one of them ._.

Speaking of creepy thoughts of creating the illusion that you’re close to Yoona, more stalker pics from her vacation have popped up! (Just kidding about the whole creep/stalker thing if you’re the photographer, you know I’m just jealous. Oh so very jealous…)

Since when were death glares so cute?

And lastly, Innisfree just won’t stop giving us goodies. It appears a new line (?) of products are being advertised with Yoong, as you may have already noticed from the CF. Here are some promotional and BTS pics! I couldn’t make much of the commercial, but from my interpretation of it: If volcanic rocks are good for Yoona’s face, then why not?

cr: newsen, innisfree.

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