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Earlier today, I believe Taeng called in while Chin Chin was on air and she used her “Taengrish” haha. Check it out yourself. She’s mad gangsturrrh. I really miss her as Chin Chin’s DJ :[

Btw, it was said that Sunny also called in while Chin Chin was on air, but it was a day before Taeng. I can’t find a clip of it, but Thanks to 80518051 below in the comment section, the clip with Sunny’s conversation with the DJ, comedian Noh Hongchul, is found. 

Subbed Clip of Sunny‘s convo:


It’s really been quite a while since the girls have been on the radio, and hearing SunYeon was really refreshing!  Taeng’s ‘Really Really Really!’ was just too cute. It’s unfortunate that they both weren’t on at the same time. Dandyu love ftw!

& here’s the translated first part of her conversation with the DJ.

DJ: ayo !
Sunny: ayo !
DJ: WOW~ ! why don’t you introduce yourself?

Sunny: Hello, I’m SNSD’s Sunny~
DJ: our sunny, just hearing the sound of her breathing and greeting alone can make you feel alive. Sunny, what are you doing right now?
Sunny: I just had dinner, now I’m back in the dorm.
DJ: sunny what items were on your menu tonight?
Sunny: hahaha ( seems like she’s in a very good mood, can’t stop laughing)
DJ: hearing that laugh engergizes me
Sunny: I like to eat meat, so that’s what I had.
DJ: popular idol group members act differently/have different taste as expected. was it pork or beef?
Sunny: chicken
DJ: ahhh chicken~ haha. so you are in the dorm right now, not by yourself are you?
Sunny: nah, other members are here too.
DJ: all of them?
Sunny: most of them
DJ: which member is missing?
Sunny: pardon?
DJ: which member’s not there?
Sunny: oppa, which member do you like?
DJ: eh……. not sure if I’m allowed to say this but… I only need Sunny ssi.
Sunny: ah, really~ then I’m the only one here.
DJ: oh is that so….. who’s in the dorm right now?
Sunny: like I said who do you like
DJ: sunny ssi~, I’ll just assume that most members are in the dorm, okay?
Sunny: okay
DJ: our snsd are human too, no doubt the heat makes you guys feel tired and lethargic too, ya?
Sunny: ya, the weather is too hot.
DJ: What sort of activies SNSD like to do on free time?
Sunny: ohh~ we….hehehehe
DJ: it’s alright, go on~
Sunny: lay down in front of the TV, or stay in our rooms…
DJ: predictable
Sunny: yup, like a typical student dormitory.
DJ: our sunny, today’s topic is our lives’ energy pill. sunny, the energy pill in your life is?

Translations Credit: soshiforever

* Note — because only the first part is translated, there should be translations for the other parts and maybe translations of what Taeng said in the clip. The post will be updated and it’ll be indicated at the top if more translations are added or if Sunny’s clip is ever found :] so please check back from time to time.

Video credits: keoconvoialmighty + fighterICRM + yuhdan (silis)@Youtube

Source: Yurui912@Twitter & Soompi