Our adorable Shik Shin recently did a UFO Star Call and left a cute message for the fans! Check it out and credits to silis7noy for the translation. Video uploading credit goes to absolutekeoconvoi.

Hello Sone~ This is SNSD Sooyoung
I missed you oh oh
We SNSD came back from a sweet vacation
We missed you all so much
Soon we will be active in Japan and we will miss you again
But we are not going away for good
We will be coming to Korea very often really much more than you thought hoho
So you may say What? I thought SNSD was active in Japan!
You may even be sad that we are coming too often heoheoheo
Ok then everyone take care during the hot weather
In Japan I will see if anyone cheats on us or not~
Ok bye bye

It’s comforting in a way to know that our girls will still be hangin’ around Korea but hopefully all that running around won’t wear these girls down. Take care of yourselves!

And I’m sure SONES love our Soshi too much to cheat on them ;D Just look at how cute Soo is with her red hair band and pigtails!