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EDIT2@bottom(SoShiSooRi): Good News?

It’s been a while since we last heard about SM Town Live Concerts, but I guess we’ll be hearing more about it as August 21st gets nearer. According to Yurui912 & bossa747@twitter, the SM Town Live 2010 concert is confirmed to be held on August 21st.

It appears that posters/ads of the event is floating around in Korea at the moment, especially on transportation buses. I’m assuming this particular one is being held in Seoul, Korea. The actual article where the picture above came from mentions that BoA, Trax, and DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho will most likely be there. I don’t think it mentions SNSD, Super Junior, Kang Ta, Shinee, f(x), etc., but they should be there, right? (hope that SNSD’s promotions in Japan won’t prevent them from attending because I demand BoShi –BoA & Soshi– interactions!).

Source: article linked + Yurui912@twitter + bossa747@twitter

-edit- By the way, the blog has covered previous SM Town Live Concerts in the past with fancams/pictures. If you guys wanna look back, here’s some of the related posts: [1] [2] [3] [4].

EDIT 2: So… Take a closer look at that ad and you find…

Oh hey, it's even in pink.

I think there’s a good chance our girls will be there. ^_^

credits; killerkill@soompi.com

credits; ferrerorocher9@snsdkorean.wordpress.com