Edit (SoShiSooRi): Moar Pix

We reported in the beginning of June that Sooyoung was in America, more specifically the east coast! And then she was spotted on the west coast at Anaheim, California! More pictures have now been released so check em out and..pretend you were there with her 🙂

Pretty sure this is Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe Wax

with Rina Nakasone! (Choreographer of many of SoShi's songs)

credits; Tetsuya @ http://sonems.blogspot.com/2010/06/100630-sooyoung-america-pictures-update.html

credits; silis7noy2 @ soompi.com

creidts;Boss Lady @ snsdkorean.wordpress.com

Looks like it was a successful and fun trip!