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All SNSD’s fans should be familiar with the name Lee SeungChul. Once nicknamed as “The nine girls’ father”, he is definitely not just another sunbae (senior) for our nine girls. In case you still don’t know who he is, Lee SeungChul is the original singer and songwriter of 1989’s hit song Girls’ Generation (So Nyuh Shi Dae), which is pretty self-explanatory.

Being one-day-reporters for Sports Seoul, Seohyun and Sooyoung interviewed their ‘father’ Lee SeungChul and they also chatted a bit about SNSD. Here’s silis7noy2’s translation of the SNSD parts:

…Lee Seungchul ordered a drink as soon as he came in.

Seohyun: “Sunbaenim. Drinking already from daytime.”

Seohyun being the maknae with modest image seemed unfamiliar with him ordering beer already.

Lee: “If you understand drinking you can also understand singing. There are disadvantages too. Belly fat…”

Seohyun: “Sometimes we have office dinners where I’ll have to have a drink together but I haven’t tried it yet. My birthday is 28th this month. I will try a drink then.”

Lee: “Seohyun-ah~. You live with your virtual husband Jung YongHwa on MBC We Got Married, how is it?”

Seohyun: “Although it is virtual it’s fun. I haven’t thought about a boyfriend or husband before and in WGM I read a book about dating and I wrote an essay about my future husband. Someone with a big goal in life. A man with a dream. I would like to live with a huband who is earnest, kindhearted and humorous. Looks are not a priority. My dad has lots of sense of humor. So our family is really harmonious.”

“Really Seohyun’s dad is full of sense of humor. Last year we went on vacation together with Seohyun’s family and dad’s humor was really something. Seohyun can sometimes be off-the-wall and 4-dimensional and it must be the genes(?).”

Lee: “… Woori Sooyoung what type of men do you like. Seems you are popular with guys in their mid and late 20’s…”

Sooyoung: “Yoon JongShin sunbaenim once told me guys would like me because I seem comforting and won’t nag at them(laughs). The ideal type I want is someone to dream together and to pursue it together. Having the same religion together is important to me also.”

Lee: “Sooyoung-ah, Seohyun-ah. But men have to have ‘money’. That’s important.”

At Lee’s words that money is important Sooyoung and Seohyun clapped and laughed.

Lee: “So. I hear all the SNSD members went on 3 weeks-long vacations what did you guys do?”

“I just rested fully. Because of activities I haven’t tried mass transportation like bus and subways before and during this vacation I enjoyed them fully. Wearing a mask I went out with my mom and dad to cheer for the World Cup too. I have a special connection with World Cup. In 2002 when I was in 5th grade I went to the World Cup street cheer and that’s where I was casted and got started with SM Entertainment.”

Sooyoung: “I went to New York with my parents and my sister. It was nice getting the rest but being apart from the members for such long time I was missing them. Eating a hamburger in New York I was thinking ‘Woori Sunny likes hamburgers so much…’ I went to Disneyland and listened to My Child in the car and that was a pretty happy thing.”

SooHyun: “We SNSD will be debuting in Japan. We will have a showcase on August 25th in Tokyo. Sunbaenim you will support us?”

Lee: “Sure. SNSD will do great. The friendship between the girls seem tighter than guys’. And you guys got together since young age and went through hard times so you encourage and strengthen each other! SNSD fighting…”

All hail the SoShi Bond!

It’s nice to know that because of this one song called Girls’ Generation, the legendary Lee SeungChul and the nine girls of SNSD can have such a close and supportive relationship. When SNSD release the remake of Girls’ Generation as their 2nd song, it boosted their popularity especially to the older generation of Korea — while in the other hand  SNSD also helped to introduce Lee SeungChul to the younger generation.

SNSD and Lee SeungChul

Their supportive relationship doesn’t end there, the girls guest-starred in Lee Sung Chul concert and Yoona acted as his daughter on the music video for the song Propose. Recently, SNSD also participated in Lee SeungChul’s special album in celebration of his 25th anniversary since debut.

I feel like spamming old videos…. so here’s some SNSD + Lee SeungChul videos for you! :p

[Live @ Music Bank] SNSD & Lee SeungChul  –  Girls’ Generation

cr: mink1004

Lee SeungChul – Propose MV (featuring adorkable Yoona)

cr: dHEa88

[Live] Lee SeungChul & SNSD  –  Girls’ Generation

cr: fdevice


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Article by; crazy51@snsdkorean