All the rumors and all can finally come to an end: SNSD is ready to enter the Japanese market!

We must love twitter for the fast snsd updates that Yurui and Bossa747 provides for us and here are the latest goodies about SNSD’s venture into a new country.

August 11th: A special dvd will be released to the public that is filled with the girls’ music videos
August 25th: Fan event. 10000 fans will be allowed into Ariake Stadium and only those that purchased the dvd shall be let in
September: Single drops! Looks like they will release a single through NAYUTAWAVE Records which is apart of Universal.

The girls had already signed with Universal Music in May. That certainly went under the radar and certainly a surprising piece of news.

I’m not really sure how I really feel about the girls going overseas. So far, we don’t know if this is just a regular Japanese promotion (for lack of a better word)  or if they’re going to be like DBSK and Boa who will be gone for a long time. A few weeks ago when the rumors were still circulating about a Japanese promotion, people had stated it wouldn’t be a long overseas promotion kind of thing. All we can do now is wait.

I was already expecting that the girls be leaving Korea for Japan someday but after hearing about it..I’m not exactly the pumped up type. Sure if they do well, I’ll be happy. Hmm..drop some comments readers and let us know what you think. Excited? Against it? Anything, share!