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Always making amazing videos of the girls’ mixed performances, sinchan does it again with RDR! You know we love you, right?

Also a bit older, but not featured on the site yet is the Oh! mixed video:

But how does that make 13?

Well, if you count the letters… Oh! [2] + Run [3] + Devil [5] + Run [3] = 13!

This is what happens to posts when the girls go on a short break and there’s nothing to report; we get bored out of our minds.

Just kidding! (sort of..) Here’s 13 weeks of Soshi domination on the MelOn charts with Oh! and RDR for netizen voting from late January to early May, all at numero uno~

cr: snail.@soompi, jangsinchan@youtube
by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com