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Take out your party hats and whistles because it’s time to celebrate~

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It’s easy to see Yoong as a carefree little kid, and perhaps also to criticize her as the face of Soshi, but as S♡NEs, we know there are many aspects to Yoona that are worth celebrating. I mean, the girl has more advertisements under her belt than some idol groups have in total for a reason, right?

So let’s start off with the fact that she’s incredibly bright and innocent. While it’s not the same brightness as Sunny (pun not intended), and not the same innocence as Seohyun, choding has her own distinct way of doing both at the same time. It’s this purity in character that makes her desired by companies such as INNISFREE and like, a good 372% of all male idols.

But to say that the public and companies love Yoona solely because of this would be a complete lie. Beyond the image, lies a very sophisticated 21 year old girl that knows how to appropriately respond to her environment. Fan and staff accounts alike can attest to her politeness to everyone, to the extent that it surprises people she’s an idol. Always humble about her popularity, Yoona behaves responsibly and will never disappoint. Despite her ability to pull pranks on her unnies and be a complete dork, there’s an unseen maturity that is widely recognized.

While the masses may see her as an angel, Yoong is no doubt, still human. Feeling upset after the public portrayal of a scandalous YoonFany incident, staying up all night long crying with Yuri-unnie about their forbidden love, and disappointed in missing live performances with the girls make her just as real as anybody else.

And of course, no celebration of Im Yoona can go without at least a hint of Him Yoona, right? As Soshi’s unofficial can-opener, there’s definitely more to this girl than meets the eye.

On this day, we celebrate the birth of the girl that Korea is in love with for many reasons (whether you like it or not). Leave birthday wishes below~

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