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A couple of days ago,two of Philippines‘ biggest record retail chains,namely Astroplus/Astrovision and Music One,revealed their album charts from the 17th to the 23th of May and guess what?

The girls’ Run Devil Run album beat out all the competitors and rose up to the #1 spot in just 2 days after its release! And as if this achievement isn’t enough,the girls’ Oh!,Gee and Tell Me Your Wish(Genie) albums also made their way to the top 10 spots.

The following pictures proved it all.

Now hold on,there’s more.

The girls are the ONLY K-pop girl group to achieve having three #1 albums in the Philippines. The first being TMYW,back then in October 2009. The second being Oh!,2 months ago in March 2010. And the last being RDR,which claimed #1 recently.

A really big congratulations to the girls and the diehard fans over at the Philippines.

Credits : silent_scream@Soompi