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We haven’t been seeing much of the girls nowadays after their promotion ended but it seems like they are just as busy as always!

Firstly,as you can see above,Yoona was  involved in the shooting of a new S-OIL CF.  Apparently S-Oil had previously invited a number of famous Korean celebrities to endorse for them,such as Kim Ah Joong,Yoo Jaesuk and so on. So you figure that Yoona must be big enough for them.

Here’s a fancam of Yoona during her filming of the CF.

Secondly,Taengoo was also caught in a UFO Star Call which can be viewed in the following,with english subtitles!

In the video call,she revealed that the members are having their individual activities as well as having some good break time for themselves.
The last 2 sentences got me caught up for a moment.
A new album? Cheating on them?

Oh come on i bet we can’t wait to see their new album,let alone cheating on them since we love them so much. Right?

Credits : AGOyoong & galio6th@Youtube.com