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Warning : Unsubbed videos

On the latest episode of Family Outing Season 2,Yoona performed Beyonce‘s Deja Vu for the soldiers of Korea. Out of nervousness,she stopped dancing halfway through but with the cheering of the large crowd,she managed to bring up the courage and finish the performance smoothly.

As if Yoona alone isn’t enough,she brought along her 7 sisters to perform Show!Show!Show!,Oh! & Gee as well. Taengoo couldn’t attend as she got Chin Chin at that point of time.
You can see that the soldiers were really enjoying all these as they screamed aloud,danced along and made hilarious expressions. Don’t they know how envious i am of them? Anyway i had fun laughing while watching them through and i hope it would brighten up your day as well. .

Credits : CrazyCarrot310@Youtube.com