Too much, A!

I probably could have used more provocative screen caps..but this is what I have saved 😛 Anyway.

With the short shorts, the sexy outfits, the shoulder rubbing,  some close contact dancing, and Yuri’s..twins hangin’ out for 1 second, some fans are THIS close to burning down SM and Samsung’s head quarters. While most of us here don’t mind the hotness of the music video, some fans have expressed concerns about the path that SNSD is heading towards. Before we hear what silis7noy@soompi has to say about this issue though, let’s just keep in mind a few things:

1. SNSD has no say whatsoever over what commercials they do or don’t do.
2. It’s all about the angles.
3. It’s just a music video

Now, brace yourself for a long read 🙂

I’m surprised by all the reaction this CF is getting in international fandom.
In Korea,
KSones: Mad at Carribean Bay and SM for allowing those unnecessary shots but fans have accepted it now. Association with 2PM is a disinteresting subject for fans and antis by now in Korea so that’s not really an issue anymore.
Nonfans/public : It looks bit too sexy in some parts, anyway a nice CF with hot idols
That’s about it, it just seems international fans are more “worried” perhaps …

The problem is not with the sexyness. At this stage of SNSD nothing wrong with trying out sexy concepts when there’s opportunity. Cabi MV could have been done the right way and still be hot and sexy, no need to edit in those unnecessary shots

1. Carribean Bay(Samsung owned) paid lot of money so they feel they can exploit their models
2. SM is fearful of relationship with Samsung and the money involved so they allow this CF
3. Girls have no say at all over this or any other CFs. They have no idea which shots were even taken. Most likely they saw the MV at the last minute on web just like us.

Overall it’s just one CF among many CFs that define SNSD’s image, which is still the images of friendly bright sonyuhs. If SM starts to produce overtly sexy CFs one after another suddenly then I’d be worried and we can have a discussion but it’s too hasty now to discuss this in depth. I don’t believe you’ll start to see more of these sexy SNSD CFs soon, Cabi was an aberration resulting from SM yielding to Samsung’s power…

Personally maybe because I’m older and jaded haha… I didn’t think anything much about the CABI MV, just a nice little cute MV for me, I understand some shots were cheap attemps by CB to generate publicity but I’m fine with them it’s no big deal

One thing I want people to realize is that SNSD has no control over their destiny right now. Whatever jobs they are given they must perform. Usually they have no control and have no idea what jobs they are getting until the last minute, no control over the final product. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is for kpop idol groups under contract.

To see this in positive light, it is the goal for the girls to become masters of their own destiny one day. FINKL was overworked like slaves too, and now members like Lee Hyori, Ok Juhyun earned the rights to their own destiny. SNSD too shall earn it by working hard, just as they’ve been doing it all so far, and with us supporting every step of the way.


Even for those that don’t object it, this was still a good informative read. Let’s celebrate the fact that SNSD landed such a huge company for a commercial in the first place! Now if anyone freaks out anymore, just link em to this!