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The title says it all. Recently, Sica’s sister and F(x)’s maknae, Krystal, uploaded a picture of Yoona, Seohyun, and her on MBC onto her me2day (which is kinda like a twitter) page.

credits: soompi & bestiz

In the picture, both Yoona and Krystal are shocked because they see their twin right in front of them. When I first saw Krystal, I really thought she looked like Yoona. It’s cute to see the F(9) interactions and that Krystal is not only close to her sister, but also to her sister’s friends. Don’t you agree?

Speaking of F(9) interactions, another picture surfaced on the net of Sulli, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon at a cafe together. The picture was fantaken, but it’s nice to hear to hear that the girls are hanging out in public peacefully (especially now that “Run Devil Run” promotions ended and the girls are on a break).

>>click here for full picture<<

source: baidu & soompi