Yea, you can’t believe it either? According to bossa747@twitter,

Reportedly Invincible Youth will make member changes and begin season 2 in June.

and according to Yurui912 @twitter,

IY :: There is no concept of ‘season’, but 1 or 2 members will be changed, so audition is going on among girl groups.

SNSD will appear on SBS ‘Family Outing 2’ on 5/16. This was recorded a few months ago and SNSD had a performance for the military.

it seems that the IY staff are planning on replacing the current G7 members (nuuu:[) and season one will end by June.

I don’t know about this because if even ONE member is replaced or removed, G7 will never be the same (like how Jay left 2PM -sob-). I guess the staffs want to recruit new members because of the problematic schedules the G7 members have…like getting overworked or schedules clashing, especially Hara (KARA) and Hyunah (4MINUTE), who are starting their promotions in Japan and they will have to travel back and forth from Japan and Korea. Still, I really really REALLY don’t want to see those 2 leave. And if Yuri and Sunny were replaced, dude…I don’t want to even think about it. What do you guys think?

On another note, there’s good news –SNSD will feature as guests on an upcoming Family Outing Season 2 episode–. We saw that Tiffany was a guest recently, but it’ll be much merrier with all 9 members on the variety show! Yerp, I must say Family Outing Season 2 is getting better and better. Let’s all anticipate the upcoming episode (;