Choi Hyun Joon from Sooyoung’s favorite male group, V.O.S, just did his own cover of Run Devil Run! If you can’t remember who this guy is, think back to Factory Girls or the Cafe Charity Show. The FG episode that Hyun Joon was on was when Soo, Tiff, and Yul visited his dorm to write about the bachelor lifestyle. The Cafe Charity show was when V.O.S. showed up to support the girls and Soo pretty much crapped herself. They called Jess “ahjumma”. Memory comin’ back yet? 😛

Now, Hyun Joon is a very talented man. He’s an amazing singer and producer (for example, Rain’s Love Story). But this recent cover for our girls’ RDR…was a little interesting. Well check it out yourself 🙂

Yes, that background track is 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop.” Smooth voice though. Well, what do you think?

Some other V.O.S. stuff!

Random not: I believe it was Park Ji Heon who announced he was married and had a kid randomly last..summer? Yeah. Guess who’s heart he broke? No, besides Sooyoung’s.

Maria. Sigh.

anyway credits to codemonmonmixes, pocketfullofsmiles for the videos. 🙂

And I would’ve linked a very very old clip of Sooyoung back when she was still a Chunji dj. Her fan girl side comes out majorly when “The Days I miss You” come on. If anyone finds that clip, please share? I have it on my ipod but what good would that do when you’re trying to share with everyone 🙂 It’s the same episode where Yuri, Tiff, Sunny, and Yoong came on!