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You guys got room for a little more Midnight Sun Musical Taengoo-spam? Psh, silly question. There’s always room for more Taengoo-spam.

Above is a vid of Taeyeon performing the Korean version of “Goodbye Days” which is one of the hit songs from the original movie. Unfortunately, it only captures half the song, but here is a full-length LQ audio-only clip if you want. Pretty amajjing in my humble opinion.

Taeyeon singing “Skyline

Audio of “It’s Happy Line

It’s Happy Line” showing a bunch of clips from the musical that will give you a good overview of Taeng’s acting~

Plus a shot clip of the scene where Kaoru (Taeng’s character) loses feeling in her hand while playing the guitar. Really sad. T^T One of the saddest moments in the original movie.

And of course, a real snsdkorean spammage is never complete without pictures~ 😀

(BTW, kiss scene be fake, so put down that pitchfork.)

Anyhow, after selling out for all of her shows and pulling off a great performance, looks like Taeng’s musical is already DAEBAK! ^^

Taeng’s got alot more shows to do, so I won’t be doing massive pic spams like this for the other performances, it’s just to celebrate her first, heheh.
Taeng actually has another show on tonight, which is why she wasn’t present at the interview on Music Core. Best of luck to her, eh? ^^

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Article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean