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Are you following SNSD member’s accounts on twitter? No is the only possible answer. More & Samyang Ramyun goodies below.

SHQ version inside~

Hopefully you’ve already read about this elsewhere such as soshified.com or from our previous post in august, but since it’s become quite a big issue and these accounts have gotten a large number of followers, I think it’s time we beat this topic to death. NO SNSD MEMBERS HAVE TWITTER.

All accounts are fake. I don’t know who bothers to maintain these and pretend like they’re soshi, but unfollow them if you thought they were real. I could provide an in-depth explanation as to why they aren’t, but there’s no need to. SM entertainment has just released an official statement that the girls don’t have twitters. Hopefully that’s enough to convince those continuing to believe in the authenticity of these accounts. =)

Oh, and super high quality Samyang Ramyun bromides and posters. They’re like 5mb+ each. Awesome right? ^^

cr: samyangfood.co.kr
by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com