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Not much else needs to be said other than our girls being jjang.

Thanks to silis7noy2:

Leespiar’s 2010 1st Half survey of biggest female kpop artists

1. SNSD (37.5%)
2. KARA (18.4%)
3. Lee Hyori (12.0%)
4. T-ara (12.0%)
5. 2NE1 (9.6%)
6. Jang YoonJung (8.4%)
7. Baek JiYoung (5.9%)
8. Wonder Girls (4.4%)
9. BEG (3.8%)
10. After School (3.0%)

Leespiar survey together with the Gallup poll are used by the advertising industry in Korea. These are not internet polls, they are professionally conducted surveys so you can always refer to them as the most authoritative surveys on Korean celebrities. In general very few top kpop artists can get near 20%. It’s extremely hard to get more than 30% – such percentage can only be achieved when there are enough support from all age groups surveyed.

Leespiar female artists results since 2003 and you can see the level of public support SNSD has:

and just because posts about polls tend to be boring and lacking in content (since you usually already know the results), here’s a completely unrelated video of Taeng blinking rapidly:

cr: MrLovelytaeyeon@youtube