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Despite the onslaught of show cancellations we’ve been suffering recently, ‘We Got Married’ miraculously survived this week, bringing us all sorts of Sweet Potato couple goodies.

In the recent episode, Yonghwa’s band, CN.Blue, meet Seohyun properly for the first time since the couple first started going out.
There’s a super cute part where Seohyun tries to teach her future in-laws the dances from ‘Genie’ and ‘Oh!’. Being the stiff musicians that they are, they fail miserably, but it’s still adorable. Sooyoung was also a guest MC on this episode.

(Hey you Minyuk, don’t think I didn’t see you looking at Seobaby’s butt…)

During guitar practice there’s also an insanely adorable moment where Yonghwa’s asking Seohyun to sing a bit of the song that she sang at the concert (16 going on 17). She refuses at first and then they have like a guitar argument and Seobaby finally relents.

They’re more relaxed now it seems. Good job Yonghwa! XD

The third episode of Y-Star ‘Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation’ also aired yesterday, bringing us more behind-the-scenes footage of the girls’ work.

(The rest of the parts on on the user’s channel)

Episode 25 of ‘Invincible Youth’ aired on the 23rd as well. The show is doing very well despite it’s late night timeslot. Here’s a cut that I found hilarious; Sunny, Sunny’s fanboy and Sunny’s Folding Screen.

1+1 = ❤

Taeyeon rehearsing for her Midnight Sun Musical.

Unfortunately, this weekend will once again bring us no Music Core or Inkigayo. ;_; Which is a massive bummer, because Inki today was actually supposed to be SNSD’s goodbye stage.
Crazy isn’t it? The sinking accident really put a damper on SNSD’s promotions. I don’t feel like we’ve seen enough Run Devil Run at all.

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