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Edit: Added SeoSica and SunSica. Added Jungbian goodies for you f(9) lovers out there. There’s a poll to vote for your favourite pairings too. Enjoy!

Warning: Heavy load of images.

Okay, so we all know Jessica’s birthday is coming REAL soon. So, we staffers from snsdkorean have lined up a trilogy of posts, and you’re reading the second part as of now! If you haven’t read >>the first post<<, then what are you waiting for? There has also been a few fan accounts on Jessica’s birthday celebration >>here<<. And being quite the JeTi soshi fan that I am, we will explore Jessica’s deepest secrets. No, not her cellphone pictures, silly. I’m talking about her love for her members. Are you ready? This will be a short and clean post…

OR NOT! Jessica loves her girls a lot, but sometimes it’s hard to choose whom to cheat on be comfortable with. Here are some of the pairings of note, with Jessica in them. I promise you, it’s anything but a smooth ride (:

1. JeTi 😀

2. YulSic

3. SooSica

4. YoonSica

5. HyoSica

6. TaengSic.

7. SeoSica

8. SunSica

9. Jungbians

SunSica and SeoSica will be posted tomorrow, Now that the soshi pairings are complete, we will explore forbidden territories, with Jungbians making the finale on Saturday.

The list is complete. Ohh! I see you smile now.

Readers! We want YOU to contribute in making Jessica’s birthday a memorable one. Post a pic link of any pairings with Jessica in it, if you have  one. Cookies for you if it’s JeTi.

Bonus: To make up for the lack of SeoSica, here’s a clip that will make things even.

Here are 2 Jungbian videos that might catch your attention, if you’re still not satiated yet.


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