First off, a quick apology from the team to readers of this blog. Earlier this week we had released a post about Taeyeon’s cousin. After some more research into the topic, we feel that the source we used may have been inaccurate. I’ll quote what our staffer greeentee said. Please read 🙂

I stalked and talked (briefly) w/ the almighty bossa747 and he told me he had asked a Sone very close w/ Taeyeon, but this person didn’t know any cousin like her. It seems he also suspects that it’s not real because Taeyeon is very protective of her personal life/family members and isn’t likely to post something like that on such a public website. Thinking about it, I’d have to agree with him based on what we know about Tae Tae’s personality.

Furthermore, the pics mentioned don’t seem to be on the chin chin’s website (which they supposedly were), as mentioned by one of our commentors, as well as bossa in one of his tweets. This makes me think they weren’t ever up there at all. And in my opinion, if this incident of Taeyeon posting it really did happen, Korea probably would’ve spazzed about it already and we would have more information about Hany, which doesn’t seem to be the case.


Nothing is 100% confirmed but we feel the need to tell all the readers that the girl is likely NOT related to Tae. 🙂 Even though it seems like only the international community is making a bigger deal out of this, it’s still important to update you all so you don’t get too.. excited. =P

At the same time, while we don’t believe Hany is related to our kko kko ma leader, we hope no damage is done to Hany’s reputation. The pictures of her are real, and we do not believe that she’s involved in the mix-up (for publicity reasons, etc). We apologize for the confusion and we promise we usually don’t throw out fake articles! Thanks everyone.

You still love me right?

Edit by Procrastinatoress – As the writer of the Hany-related article on snsdkorean, I want to personally apologize to the readers for not thoroughly doing my research before posting. As Boss said, we try out best to give our readers reliable and accurate news here, and I really hope I haven’t tarnished the reputation of snsdkorean. I’ll work harder in the future.