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You all know that in the past, kings like to have multiple wives. These days, such practice might not be acceptable in most countries. However there might be people who have that kind of imagination, especially concerning our 9 angels.

I Want Them All!!!

In recent appearance in Win Win, South Korean ‘King of Pop’, Rain, was asked: Who would you want to date in SNSD? To which he replied: I like all members. I certainly hope he implied to his inability to choose the best from all the good choices. Later on,  he also revealed that the first member whose name he memorised was our dear Kid Leader, Taeyeon.

By the way, as I said earlier, polygamy is no longer acceptable practice and even King of Pop would be wise enough not to pursue his imaginative desire. This is just a light talk show, so fanboys, please refrain from grabbing your pitchforks or any other sharp weapons/firearms.

Credit: Heartfacee@AKP