Would it be too hard to digest? Tiffany from Girls’ Generation has recently appeared in a pornographic website in the Netherlands. Then again, would you look at it out of the box? Could antis, who so blatantly claimed SNSD are sluts, have posted Tiffany’s picture? Read below for the cut.
In the loosest sense, Tiffany and SNSD has nothing to do with pornograph at all. The website aforementioned posted a picture of Tiffany in the post titled “Short Shorts Asian“. In that photo, Tiffany was performing “Tell Me Your Wish” with the marine shorts on in one of the music shows, hence explaining that malicious post.
“We have no idea how something like this could have happened. We are currently investigating the case, and are planning to take legal action. No matter what kind of photo was used, the fact that her photo was posted on a site like that is a shock to both Tiffany and her fans.”
Granted, they adopted the sexy marine concept during Genie promotions and showcasing a myriad of uniforms. There is a possibility that this could be linked to the fact that “Genie” is a europop song. Weird how kpop stars are being related to Europe, with G-Dragon accused of stealing Milan Stankovic hairstyle.

Translations by: ch0sshi@KPOPLIVE.
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