and we’ll keep on fighting, til the end…

I should break the habit of starting all these posts with songs. Anyway, as you all know, our girls got their 2nd KChart win with Run Devil Run. This would make their 20th Kchart win, being the first group to ever reach this many. Obviously, this also means that they claim the #1 seat right now with the most wins. Being the loser fanboy that I am, I decided to dig up their wins to verify this.

1  –  02.29.09 – Girls Generation – Kissing You
2  –  01.16.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
3  –  01.23.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
4  –  01.30.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
5  –  02.06.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
6  –  02.13.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
7  –  02.20.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
8  –  02.27.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
9  –  03.06.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
10  –  03.13.09 – Girls Generation – Gee
11  –  06.26.09 – Girls Generation – Gee (Half year award)
12  –  07.10.09 – Girls Generation – 소원을 말해봐 (Genie) (Tell Me Your Wish)
13  –  12.25.09 – Girls Generation – Gee (Overall K-Chart)
14  –  02.05.10 – Girls’ Generation – Oh!
15  –  02.12.10 – Girls’ Generation – Oh!
16  –  02.19.10 – Girls’ Generation – Oh!
17  –  02.26.10 – Girls’ Generation – Oh!
18  –  03.05.10 – Girls’ Generation – Oh!
19  –  04.02.10 – Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run
20  –  04.09.10 – Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run
20! 20 Mubank Wins… Ha ha ha
Well, 11 of them were Gee, the song we’ve all come to know and love. Hopefully, we can have another good run with Run Devil Run! Haha. Get it? I said a good run with Run Devil Run
… I’m sorry.
Well unfortunately, that may not (not definite about this) be possible.
Rumor: SNSD members may quit their individual activities in April, due to international promotions and concerts. Strictly RUMOR.
-Bossa747 @ Twitter
I’m not quite sure if this has anything to do with RDR, but this is giving me second guesses.
Fortunately MuCore next week won’t be cancelled.
I’m not sure if the two posts were related, but there doesn’t seem to be any other posts inbetween. This means that RDR may or may not be put on hold. *Shrugs* Only time will tell. Anyway, if this DOES come true though, this will affect SoShi in many ways. A few examples:
First of all, Taeyeon’s contract with MBC is about to run out with Chin Chin. After 2 long years, is it possible that our beloved Tae will have to leave?
Secondly, the Sweet Potato Couple will finally get some privacy in their new house. In its usual timeslot, there will most likely be re-runs.
Thirdly, all of you Taec x Yoong shippers would have to take a break, since Yoong might not be there for Family Outing. Fourth of all, IY may have some issues seeing as SY can’t cover for either of the girls this time.
The list probably goes on. Sunny with MTV The M!, our MuCore hosts, etc.
Anyway, like I said before, It’s just a rumor for now. Only time will tell what happens.