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According to bossa747,the girls are set to record KBS Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook tomorrow. They will be performing ‘Run Devil Run‘ & ‘Show Show Show‘ and this particular episode is to be aired on the 23th of April!

In case you guys have no idea what is this show all about,it’s something like SBS Chocolate,where the guests are invited to perform and then have a chit-chat with the MC.

Our girls had previously appeared on the Sketchbook show last year during their ‘Tell Me Your Wish‘ promotion,check out the old videos in the following.

‘Tell Me Your Wish’ Performance:

Gee‘ & ‘Etude‘ Performance:

Short ‘Naeng Myeon‘ Performance:


Are you excited and can’t wait to see it?!
I’m sorry i couldn’t give you the actual physical sketchbook. d:

Credits : bossa747@Twitter.com,JeTi Fan Club@Facebook.com,established09 & WoMenDeAi1@Youtube.com