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This coming sunday’s episode of Chocolate will feature the girls with special stages such as Poker Face (Lady GaGa) and Wannabe (Spice Girls). The last Chocolate that SNSD appeared on was amazing, and it looks like this time will be no exception. Here’s the preview:

Also, it seems like our girls will make an appearance on Lee Seung Chul’s album, with a possible TaeNy duet…

Looks like SNSD will contribute to Lee Seung Chul’s 25th anniversary tribute album. We would think the girls might sing a version of the song SonyuhShidae obviously because of the connection, but there has been a rumor that Taeny will do a new duet song for the album. Note that Lee Seungchul recently picked TaeNy as two of whom he thinks are the talented singers today, so that may indicate something about the rumor

Thanks again to silis7noy2@soompi for this info.

I personally love it when the girls do duets, so I’m definitely hoping the rumor is true. And just because it’s awesome, here’s TaeNy’s old Because of You duet clip:

cr: LeoKekoa + jasoncoolIl93 @youtube.