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One year later? No, not Jessica and Onew… but Yuri and Tiffany! + Sunny…?

Unfortunately for YulTi shippers, that’s not a wedding cake. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s already been a year since our girls have been MCs for Music Core! Because of the recent Naval ship tragedy, last week’s episode (which was supposed to be their anniversary as MCs) was canceled. Stay tuned for this week’s episode to maybe see some YulTi love? ❤

Sunny’s MTV the M on the other hand, has been canceled. Last week’s airing of the show was the last episode to be broadcasted. It’s been more than a year since Sunny has been an MC for MTV’s the M, with her first partner being SS501’s Kim HyungJoon in February of 2009. Here’s the clips of the MC cuts:

It’s sad to see the show canceled, but hopefully it gives Sunny more rest from her busy schedule.

cr: thestephi.com/kwonyuri125.com + TheKpopSource05@youtube