EDIT: Added a Taeyeon fan account/update at the bottom!

We got some fan accounts on the Samyang commercial filming, SooRi partyin’ it up with their classmates, and Seobaby and Yoong’s school situations with the crowd. Of course, credits to silis7noy once again.

The Samyang studio CF shoot was last Saturday. A fan account basically said all the girls were so cute but “very loud” ^^. During breaks Yuri was seen working on her blog, perhaps she has a secret private blog? Sunny still seemed sick according to the account. We’ve seen her coughing constantly on Starry Night Radio 12 days ago. Last week Wednesday at IY filming she was still coughing all day the manager was seen feeding her medicine. With no music show schedules hopefully the girls get enough rest this week. Other than Sunny there doesn’t seem to be any other member who’s sick. Tiffany has wisdom tooth growing she said she couldn’t take it out now since it could get swollen and she doesn’t want that while they’re active.

— Now don’t go stalking her secretive blog boys 😛 I knew something was wrong with Sunny, due to the lack of expression during interviews and what not. Luckily there isn’t any music shows going on this week (besides the recording of MuCore) so the girls can squeeze in some shut eye. As for Tiff…goodness I really hope you don’t have to go through the wisdom teeth removal pain. Worst thing of my life.

This was SooRi at a class party with their ChungAng classmates. For many reasons it’s hard for celebrities to take part in these events with other regular students, but the girls are so down-to-earth. The regular students are usually distant with the celebrity students but the classmate who posted this picture was praising the girls for coming to school whenever their busy schedule permitted and mingling together with other students.
For Seohyun’s school it’s more like the other students are overly excited with her, not giving her enough space, it’s become a mob scene everytime she comes to class. But it’s the beginning of semester so things should calm down later as people get used to her. Yoona last year had to bring extra security to school due to the crowd but people are used to her now. Someone had pics from witnessing YongSeo couple few days ago at a store in the seaside city of KangReung, their wgm train trip destination, she might upload it later.

There are some indications that Hyo and Soo could be regulars for the Hahamong show

— Once again, this proves why we love the girls so much. Down. To. Earth. How many celebrities do you meet that are willing to head out and hang out with you outside of school. This is no publicity stunt (not that they need it anyway…).

And FINALLLY (possibly) A SHOW FOR HYO AND SOO. Time to let the girls shineee!


Yesterday a fan saw Taeyeon in a restaurant with 2 other ladies and 2 guys they seemed to be coming from the musical practice nearby. From his account:

I’m standing in the back as Taeyeon came out
My friend: Hello Taeyeon~ I’m your fan~
Tae: Hello. Nice to meet you~
My friend: Actually my friend is a bigger fan!
Tae: Who??
*My friend drags me to Taeyeon. I’m blushing like crazy*
Me: Hello~ I’m your fan…
Tae: Yes Hello~ By the way why are you blushing so much?~~
Me: Ah~ It’s…
Tae: Hahaha you’re so cute~!
Me: I will go see your musical in May!
Tae: Really? I hope to see you then!
Me: Yes! HWaiting!

On Chin chin today Taeyeon said she had other schedules plus her musical rehearsal today again, she says it’s a whole new world of experience for her. Her musical schedule is supposed to be released tomorrow. There is no plan for DVD of her musical but some cable channels are in talk with SM to show little parts of the musical, hopefully it works out. It seems what she wore on Chinchin today is her musical character outfit.

Taeyeon’s Chinchin renewal should be announced in about a week and although she is likely to stay, there is still possiblity that SM could abruptly pull her out if they have different plans for Taeyeon this year. Jung PD, The Chin Chin PD for the last year left yesterday. Jung PD was a very capable PD who helped Chin Chin become such a success. Jung PD adored Taeyeon, he went out of his way to support Taeyeon many times. The new PD is Yang PD, yet another MBC PD known to adore Taeyeon, he was seen all happy on bora last year when he did the Family Day special with Taeyeon, he kept on playing SNSD songs against the rules

— I’m pretty sure SM will let her stay, with her being so successful as the dj with or without a partner. And isn’t it great seeing all these fan boys from on the street to PDs lovin’ Taeng to death 😛