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Got some photos of the two together for a photoshoot. No idea what it’s for or when it was taken but I’m guessing it’s for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle. And then there’s an unseen selfcam picture of Tiff and the ad poster for Taeyeon’s new musical.

credit to WIW+宝蓝阁BY葵之语 & superlover♫ @sj-world.net, pine nut@ soshified, (yoona and siwon)

credit:emilyk91@soompi re-upload:Togino@soshified (ad)

credit:mossy@soompi re-upload;Togino@soshified (tiffany selcam)

Tiffany’s got the beachy kinda hair, I’m liking that 🙂 It’s nothing professional but it’s got a refreshing feel to it. Definitely diggin’ it. Now if only my self taken pictures would turn out so nicely..

Yoona’s concept with Siwon looks interesting, not your everyday kind of style. We’ll have to wait and see what that’s all about! As for Taeyeon’s musical, if you want to go…you better prepare yourselves. The VIP sections are sold out and the dates weren’t even announced yet. Goodness.