Reading soompi and silis7noy is once again updating the SNSD fan community on what is going on with the girls. They’re not major major news but always a fun read. Everything’s under the cut! AND I WOULD READ IT ALL 🙂 You’ll find out why I put Jess in the title too.

Nothing really new for Yuri for now she’s just very busy with her regular jobs and going to school when she can. Taeyeon told Yuri’s story on Chin chin that at the first class no one bothered to look at Yuri, like she was a nobody. The students took turns introducing themselves and when it was Yuri’s turn she started to speak. And only then the class realized it was Yuri! And the class just started to go wild lol


Sunny’s ost was released in Korea yesterday on some sites but not all yet. Hopefully the drama does well so that this song can be promoted [yep, I posted the youtube video of it a few days ago. might have to backtrack a bit]


No worry about YongSeo couple on WGM, the response is beyond great there’s no fear of them being cancelled at all now. Things are quiet with Tiffany news and she doesn’t seem to be in top shape like some other members but according to many fan accounts she seems quite happy these days. Jess will do LB (legally blonde) on May 2nd and 5th in city of Daegu


Nothing definite about any new Hyoyeon acitivities yet. God I wish I knew what she does in her free time too~ No reports of her sighting these days, the last I heard was in January when Hyo was sighted in a movie theatre with her friends in Inchon, during their break. Also I heard some unconfirmed report saying Hyo was seen driving around in a New Beetle, but I doubt it’s her car even if report is true.

Hyoyeon has been active in many shows lately so it does get people talking about Hyoyeon. Fans have been talking about her improved Hyoneunggam since last year and slowly public are noticing her non-singer skills too. I know the SM managers are trying to get her permanent jobs whenever they can. Hopefully the PDs who are hiring can find an appropriate spot for her. Male netizens have some discussions about Hyoyeon’s athletic ability ever since DT2. Goo Hara got noticed for her running ability earlier and now Hyoyeon for her general excellent athleticism, also Sunny for her high efficiency strength. (Add Krystal’s jumping ability now too ^^) Korean male population finds athletic girl idols *extremely* fascinating. When Yuri threw that underhand pitch during debut days it was an absolute sensation among the sports crowd and it was one of watershed events for SNSD, fueling their popularity to a new height and triggering explosion of samchon fans


http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss346/ds99000/hyofo-1.jpg <<Hyo ufo responses 😀

aeyeon’s musical schedule is supposed to be announced in early April~ All the good seats (VIP seats) are sold out though and even the other seats will get sold out quickly once the schedule is known so act quickly~ (what the hell?! ITS SOLD OUT ALREADY? Lord. Power of the fans for real.)


April is the renewal time and most likely she will stay with Chin Chin she is just too big a DJ for MBC now they won’t let her go and Taeyeon herself wants to continue. Only SM can make her quit but so far I don’t see any hint of them doing so. There are behind stories I can’t talk about because it’s too rumorish but essentially Taeyeon is really stressed with her schedules. Behind the scenes people are fighting for Taeyeon and because of that in the end she is burdened with extreme schedules and yet her character is such that once she accepts a job she will overwork herself to complete it responsibly. (Like how she went to try to record Win Win even when she was very sick) [a serious hard worker. eeek :\ she seriously will pass out one day with the jobs. yuri, make her some healthy drinks]


There really isn’t a significant rumor of FO2 being cancelled yet I think what you heard is just some people speculating due to low ratings. The PD will at least try some new things before getting it considered for cancellation. Even if it got cancelled, many shows will still want Yoona so I don’t think she will be free much. It’s time for Yoona to slowly prepare to be in a drama again so hopefully SM can find the right one for her, for the 2nd half of this year or next year. But SM not really good when it comes to picking or producing dramas sigh…

Sunny is very busy these days too since she has become lot popular and is considered one of the best idol variety talent today now so she will continue to get lots of various jobs so she won’t have much free time. MTV’s The M is being cancelled, today is the last day so her workload is lessened a little. The managers are also trying to find an appropriate permanent position for Sooyoung. She is again recognized for her show talents so no worries there mostly. From what I heard I believe one of the jobs Sooyoung really wants is to be a radio DJ at one of the major stations. There have been few negotiations but I think they didn’t work out in the end. Major station DJ jobs are extremely hard to get.

IY’s ratings is pretty good actually for the timeslot. Also these shows are watched by more younger population, and in Korea this population often watch the show in different ways – like on the internet, on portable media players, or they download the video. So the true viewership for IY is actually better than what the published ratings say. Which is why it reportedly gets good ad sales. IY still has the buzz and critical acclaim so it’s one of the most successful variety shows in recent years.


Obviously Korean Sones are angry, they’re getting tired of these mistakes by SM some have returned the CDs waiting for SM’s action. Some here said this was conspiracy by SM as a publicity stunt, many Korean fans starting to believe that [they’re talking about Sooyoung’s missing name on the signed sheet. Not her signature, but her typed out name under the bolded Girls Generation name. lol conspiracy theories :P]


Oh this isnt from silis7noy but this proves how DIRTAYYYY JESSICA IS.

Chichinhu @ Twitter: Sica said on SH that she used her phone to take pic of the girls when they change clothes.LOL . OMG , Sica you’re so byuntae
Chichinhu @ Twitter: but she doesn’t use that phone and keep it at home


SM is not really bothering with music show wins this time. Still the 1st week Mubank is guaranteed(it’s likely to set another highest Kchart points record). The 2nd week was guaranteed too but today’s news says Rain’s album may come out few days earlier than originally thought. If that’s true then 2nd week Mubank will be tight race between SNSD & Rain. Then more big name competitions are coming in April.

SNSD already has record for most No 1 national music show wins in kpop, about 30 wins I think. Tiffany said the girls still cherish and are grateful for every one of these wins after all these years.

Anyway no need to concern ourselves too much with music show wins this time, if we win let’s spazz and if we don’t then it’s also good for someone~


The repackage has sold more than 23,000 after two days.
20,000 was the original estimate for the first week sales but now it will surpass 30,000 and may even approach 40,000
With sales like this the goal for final actual sales of Oh! album(including the repack) is adjusted to 280,000.

Previously it was thought simply impossible for a female kpop artist to have sales of 200,000

The previous record for biggest female artist album of the current kpop era was held by the 1st Album (+repack) from a group called SNSD. They were able to reign for 2 years with sales of around 150K until we broke it recently. Pity to them^^

Baeksang Arts Award voting ended today and Yoona won the Popularity category
1. Yoona 31.76%
2. Yoon Eunhye’s 24.67%

There will also be points to be figured from judges so it’s not 100% sure yet if Yoona can win the Popularity Award


Okay sorry everyone, I know ass load of reading but honestly, pretty damn interesting and fun stuff. Now don’t you all feel like your snsd facts have been just a lil more updated? Goood 🙂