Less talk from me, straight to silis7noy’s latest lil update for us. This is  one of the few polls that actually matter and have more meaning to them than the other ones like “which star would you want to share an umbrella with” or whatever 😛

A new Sports DongA poll, they polled 100 entertainment celebrities, they are picking the “Star of Stars”. DongA is the major newspaper in Korea so this survey we can add to SNSD career book it’s one of the nicer ones, especially since it’s done by the peers in the K-ent industry

“Who is the biggest Headline Star of Korean entertainment?”

“Overwhelming number chose SNSD. The reason was clear. SNSD is the “Reigning Force in entertainment” that no one can deny. Participants like Finkl’s Sung Yuri, Actors Cha TaeHyun, Song JoongGi specifically mentioned SNSD as the Force.”

1. SNSD (45)
2. Yoo JaeSuk (28)
3. 2PM (19)
4. Rain (18)
5. Big Bang (15)
6. Lee ByungHun (14)
7. Kang HoDong (14)
8. Jang DongGun (12)
9. Lee HyoRi (9)
10. KARA (8)

Wow “reigning force of the entertainment industry” is a major phrase. To be picked by celebrities as the main force shows the girls aren’t just big with fans, but also from their peers as well. Sweeeeeeeet eh? Congrats girls I should add!