So instead of shuttting them off, we have them flying in the air?

Before I go on, I’m reading these off of twitter from certain fans. Don’t freak out or jump to conclusions or threaten to kill these fans, we’re way more classy than this. I’m not posting this to add fuel to the fire, it’s merely to INFORM fans about what is going on with snsd. We always post the good and the bad news so here we go. I’m gonna quote the tweets.

starting with bossa747: (read top to bottom)

i wonder what’s happening to 6pm fans. according to fan accounts, 6pm fans threw glow sticks onto the girls’ stage during 4 songs.

the girls had a stage in daejeon for some shopping mall opening

yeah i mean snsd. fan accounts are coming up now. i bet there will be fancams too.

at the end of the perf, sooyoung said those who threw glow sticks should take theirs back.

I’d say they’re 6pm fans, not 2pm fans, because they don’t care about Jay and sticking to their boys.

i really have no idea why they did this to our girls. there are a couple of more rumors that are not confirmed.

according some accounts, seohyun’s hit by one of the glow sticks that 6pm fans threw. it’s not confirmed but it’s being wide-spread..

it seems like they threw 50~100 glow sticks. only a dozen of them reached onto the stage. doesn’t look true that any member was hit.


Gotta give props to Soo for that line at the end. Okay, heres the rest of the tweets.


PM fans threw GREEN lightsticks. Since when green is their color, or ours? Most of then lightsticks landed into the stands, not the stage.

SONEs are cheering for SNSD with balloons today, not lightsticks. A fan saw PM fans throwing their lightsticks.

Apparently SNSD performed aft PM? TMYW is the 1st song. After that the lightsticks start flying.

Readin up on fanaccounts now. WTF. One of the lightsticks went to Sica n she screamed.


If anything, I’d trust bossa747’s more ’cause the guy gets major accurate info. And remember what I said about staying classy and not overreacting like other fans? Keep our cool like Soo 🙂  With that said…

What the f**k is going on? Anyone can edit this post as more info arises. And keep in mind, if youre lookin at fan cams, make sure their not from the SONE section ’cause I doubt you’ll see glow sticks flying from our end.