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Usually, I would go to SweetTaeng’s Channel to watch subbed video because she been subbing a whole mess of Hello Baby’s episodes after soshisubs slowed down.  Well turned out, SweetTaeng has a few friends that are helping sub other videos like WGM, Dream Team, Win Win, and Radios shows like SSTP and Kiss the Radio.  Also, for those who have been missing all the Hello Baby’s Episodes, you can go to SweetTaeng’s past account for episode 14-18.  I’m just going to post up Part 1 of most of the shows that have been subbed and leave the links for all the channels on the bottom of the post so you guys can go to the channel to finish watching the episode.  So while you guys are watching these subbed videos, don’t forget to thank the kind subbers who took their time to sub all these videos for us!

Hello Baby Episode 14 Part 1:

Dream Team Continue Part 4-6:

SSTP Part 1:

Maybee’s Turn up the Volume Radio Part 1:

Taeyeon’s Win Win episode 2 Part 1:


For Hello Baby Episode 14-18: AmajjingTaeng@youtube.com

For Hello Baby Episode 19 and Many other things: SweetTaeng@youtube.com

For Hello Baby Episode 20+ 21: deseumondeu@youtube.com

For Hello Baby Episode 22: seanyu7@youtube.com

For Dream Team episodes: LoLiShakeSpeare@youtube.com

For SSTP, Win Win, and Maybe’s Radio: whizfiz@youtube.com

For We Got Married : NulSaRangHaeS3@youtube.com


That’s it for now so I hope you guys enjoy all the subbed videos that are available.  If I find any more videos, I’ll post it up here on the blog so everyone can enjoy so for now, I hope you guys enjoy the videos that have been subbed by these fellow youtube subbers =]