EDIT: ADDED SOME JUNGBIAN LOVING AT THE WAY BOTTOM. See to it..you know you want to.

Just a bunch of janx for you all to look at, enjoy 😀

fan: unnie, did you go to soshi’s concert? hehe. we envy soshi’s fans ㅠㅠ we do~
BOA: milky skin so nyuh shi dae !! ke ke.

SHe doesn’t directly confirm if she went but rumor had it she did..so hm lets see 😀 BOSHI LOVE

fan: oh oh oh oh BoA I love you ah ah ah ah a lot alot (lyrics to Oh!)
BoA: me too me too

credit:iyloo@soompi blu_smiley@soompi



And then here are the Goobne Chicken Posters!

credit:circe@yoonyul re-upload:Togino@soshified

Lovin’ the  Goobne pics, i certainly wouldn’t mind my own life size poster of this on my wall! Who agrees with me 🙂 I dont know if they’re new, maybe just released for the public eye probably but regardless, unseen= new for me!


Here’s the Jungbian lovin’ 😀

fan : SooJung~ i have jessica unnie’s 5 autograph ! Are you jealous? lol
krystal : i don’t need her autograph. i can hug her everyday, Are you jealous?

credits to lemon99@soompi

Awwww ❤ This is so precious.