I’m at my cousin’s house so a quick update. Not much commentary from me 🙂

MBC shooting cameras were there they seemed to be for DVD filming.

Sooyoung’s mom and sister Soojin were there, the girls were sending hearts to them from the stage.

Sung Yuri and Lee Jin of Finkl was seen in the audience. Actor Yang Dong Geun was also seen with his friends and they cheered wildly during Yuri’s solo.

There were some more talk sessions than last concert, and things seemed to move little more briskly than last time more streamlined

SM seemed to have messed up and the official glow sticks being sold were purple.

“I’m not sure it may be Yuri or Sunny she said Sica and Fany had similar hair styles and had same hair pins so she called them Twins. Then later when Sica was looking for Fany she yelled ‘Where are you my Twin!’ and brought Fany but Fany’s expression was confounded keke”

“Lots of international fans from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand etc, even in the standings… seems to be lots of female international fans…”

“Some fan made a mask out of that Yuri’s famous startled face and Sooyoung and Yoona took turns wearing it and played with it on stage kekeke but Yuri herself didn’t see it keke”

Heechul did “I say Je You say Sica Je! Sica!” during Sica’s performance and instead of “Come on baby let’s go party~” he changed it to “Come on Sica let’s go Soshi~”

Fany dropped her umbrella during her solo performance and laughed

“Before the Naengmyun performance the lift came down kekekeke So that’s where they’re coming out of kekeke I thought and avoiding the staff I peeked under the cover….. And H.. Hyo…. she was squatting there kekekekeke she did an embarrassed smile TT TT Then the song started and the lift went up as she stayed squatted and she did a V sign keke that cute expression….TT This is all I’m remembering today ;;;;”

Sunny teared up during Dear Mom and some girls cried during Complete, especially Sooyoung.

During the last part of Forever Taeyeon was choking up and she mumbled the lyrics “I Wenwe oei wererer wer9uiwe weuiower”

“During the talk at the end Sooyoung said she was impressed at Lee Hyori’s concert seeing other Finkl members attending and doing stages together after all these years. Then as tearing up she said this is the early 20’s youth the girls are having together, and it will be remembered and cherished forever, even if this night was the last. And that it’s so happy to share the moment with the fans. Everyone was moved…”

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