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A new CF from the girls~ It’s for LG (Cyon) Arena MAXX.

cr: gianbok

The CF is super cute, alright. But there’s something that bugs me. They obviously left out Hyoyeon in this one — except for that 3 sec of group scene. If you notice how there are captions about the phone’s features, there’s also the girls name on it… well, except for Hyo that is.

Wi-Fi – Sooyoung&Jessica
GPS – Taeyeon&Sunny
o3.5 Ear Phone – Tiffany
Finger Mouse – Yuri
1500mAH Battery – Seohyun
1GHz CPU Snapdragon – Yoona

Sigh. Unless Hyo will have some CF segment of her own.. just don’t tell me SM or the PD or whoever in charge of this CF treat all nine of them equally. -___-

*Comments added by Soofany*
Just adding a quick tidbits regarding Seobaby’s missing appearance from the last scene. She had to leave early for WGM filming, not because the PD or whosoever left her out. (And I’m extremely ticked they left Hyo out too, even if she isn’t my favourite she should have still had a part! Despite this rant, I still enjoyed the CF).