Despite not winning at the “new and improved and unbiased” Mnet M Countdown, our girls got their 4th Mubank win! Our girls loook sooo happy… at this rate, I think that 5th win in a row is achievable!

Performance+Win Clip

It’s too bad they keep cutting down on their encores, because that use to be one of my favourite parts of the show! I’m still not feeling Hyo‘s bangs, but (shockingly) I’m starting to feel okay about it. Cute ponytails today! I think today’s perf is my favourite so far for vocals, because they seem to have turned down on the background vocals so we could hear the girls much better. Like 1:03 is fany and 2:02 is Sunnybunny.

Regarding other groups~ KARA’s and T-ara’s perfs were pretty awesome! I like Kara’s song (Lupin) better but I enjoyed T-ara’s performance better. I can already foresee one of these girl groups taking over CNBlue’s top spot next week!

Oh and about my comment above for Mnet M Countdown, despite my negative feelings about its “fair” rankings, I’m really glad THE BOYS (2AM) won. It’s just that on Mubank, SNSD garnered 20,549pts against 2AM’s 13,073 pts , even if Mnet uses a different counting system, it can’t be THAT different, can it? Anyways… let’s keep cheering on our girls! (OR SHOULD we? *Winks* new concept if ‘Oh’ stops winning? Just kidding! KEEP SUPPORTING THEM SONES!!!)

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