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Our little Seobaby is growing up fast! Graduating from high school already, going to college, dancing like a woman, and now MARRIAGE?!  Apparently, the lucky man who Seohyun is getting married to is CN Blue’s Leader Jung Yong Hwa, or to You’re Beautiful Shinwoo!

Even though Seohyun is busy promoting “Oh!” with SNSD and Jung Yong Hwa is promoting “Loner” with CN Blue, they will officially start shooting WGM on Feb. 12 in Kyongido, Ilsan.  The episode of these two lovebirds is scheduled to air next month.


Some facts about the brother-in-law to SNSD:

Jung Yong Hwa (Shinwoo) was born in 1989, so he is 2 years older than Seohyun and he was in the hit drama “You’re Beautiful”

To clear things up: We Got Married is a show where celebrity get into a fake marriage. It’s not real, Seohyun is not seriously getting married with Yong Hwa, but like a make-believe marriage.  I think last year, Taeyeon was on the show with Hyundon? (forgot how to spell his name) but yeah, don’t freak out that much, it’s all fake =]


Can you guys  believe it? Seohyun getting married before Sooyoung?! How can this girl, who is only in love with Jack Sparrow and Sweet potatoe, be getting married to someone she doesn’t even know. (well I don’t think she knows him because of the whole i-don’t-like-boys-yet thing) But hey, She’s legal now so she can get married….

Seohyun is no longer a Seobaby….. she is a woman now? Seowoman? blahh that’s no fun, but she is still pretty =]

Credit: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201002161049591001

translation: DjAddick@soshified.com/forums