The girls were on ShimShimTapa radio today and the performed Oh, Starx3. Sunny was not present because she had to go to the hospital because of sickness (i.e. cold, fever, etc) Not much other information has been given out so thats all we know.But lets keep in mind that many people go to the hospital for minor sickness too in Korea and other countries. Shouldn’t be too bad!

LOL at them making Yoona laugh. It’s supposed to be depressing but she just ends up cracking

Oh I love violent Jess ❤ Knocking Soo then Yul out of the way.And I’m digging Tae’s (?) jeans with the angel wings. Isn’t that Armani?

credits; prot0515

Lastly, with Lunar New Years right around the corner, the girls are going to finish doing a recording for a show today (I forgot the name..but its a special) and they’ll be getting a few days break. Rumor has it Tiff shall be flying back home..so let the stalking begin. Not all the members get a break though apparently because of schedules.

And according to silis7noy:

Sooyoung said this today
She said if you are not an oppa fan and Oh!’s lyric didn’t apply to you, stay tuned.
Something is coming soon. Something that will make oppa fans feel betrayed.