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Well, our girls definitely rocked the house tonight. I’m not sure if it’s the outfits or the extra enegy they seemed to possess, because the girls did an even performance of ‘Show! Show! Show!’ while ‘Oh’ was just as excellent as last night.

^Everyone wants a piece of Sica.

Fan cheers were so loud! I really loved ‘Show! Show! Show!’ tonight, it made me like their performance even more than last night. I don’t know if it’s because they got rid of the ridiculous hats (and yes I do appreciate tophats, just not the wide and short ones).  Even their poofy wigs are more stylish and hotter tonight. Plus, the background made their performance even more impressive.

The campeople definitely did their works on the girls’ legs, because I think I want to run out and buy a pair of hot pink above-knee-high boots now… and maybe some above-knee-high socks while I’m at it.

Maybe it’s because I’m a giant fanyfan, but anyone thinks her black hair looks unnaturally BLACK? It’s odd…. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s next to all the other girls with brown/blonde hair…but when Yuri had black hair during TMYW, she looked natural… I wonder if I have this reaction because Fany debuted with brown hair? Hmm…

Anyways check their comeback perfs @ inkigayo now!

‘Show! Show! Show!’


VideoCredits: chyansie9 @ youtube