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Have you watched SNSD‘s new music video, ‘Oh!‘? I you have, then you’ll most likely agree that the main highlight of the MV is the unexpected and very intriguing ending scene — which explain some rumors that have been going on prior to the release of ‘Oh!’

Oh! english subbed. credits to ssfsubs2

The last scene wherein the cheerleader!SNSD shocked by the sudden appearance of KPSD badass!SNSD has gained a lot of attention from fans and non-fans alike. Could it be their next concept? SM Entertainment representative confirmed that it will be their next concpet, “The ending teaser is intended to generate curiosity amongst viewers about SNSD’s complete transformation”. Sweet. Is it too much if I say that SM is such a genius?

Upon the release of Oh! many people were disappointed at how the girls are going back to the cutesy concept. I mean, it feels weird to have them sing a song like Oh!, with the cute-retro cheerleaders concept after the fierce military-looks concept that is Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). I was disappointed too. The transtition from Kissing You to Gee, and finally to Genie was pretty smooth. The cute is still there, but they’re growing up… but what’s with this Oh!? It’s almost like they took two steps back to the Gee days. Most fans were kind of disappointed, while haters were yapping how the girls will never grow up from the cute… but then BAM!


We are (finally) going to have Kkang Pae Shi Dae fierce SNSD for real. Or at least that what it seems like.

I believe I can safely assume that the ending bit of the MV explains all the rumors and confusions about the girls’ 2010 comeback. It was rumored that they’ll back with futuristic concept, unlike the retro-ish look that is ‘Oh!’  and the choreographer would be Lisette Bustamante instead of Rino Nakasone who also did Genie. So I guess the one Lisette choreographed is for the follow-up MV? It’s intriguing how Lisette keep on saying that the MV will be something different and amazing, but ofc I won’t keep my hopes up just yet.

I have to say that I’m very intrigued by the teaser / ending scene of ‘Oh!’… It’s cool how one of the badass!Shidae rip down the pink cheerleader!Shidae poster, could it symbolize that the cute and innocent SNSD that they’re well-known for will end here with ‘Oh!’? I wonder if the random scene of water spilling the computer right after Taeyeon lead the team to start practicing has something to do with the ending scene? Oh btw, I love how Taeyeon is obviously the leader in this vid! 😀

LOL okay, maybe I’m reading into this way too much. But why does now it feels like Oh! is a teaser for the next song? I mean, even the lyrics goes like this:

“It’s not the me you knew before, brand new sound

Together with this new me, one more round

Dance, dance, dance, you’ll be wrong this time”

Hmm… Well Oh! doesn’t exactly look or sound new you know… Oh ok. I’ll stop right here.

It’s time for Oh! now. I’m definitely looking forward to the first performance on this week MBC Music Core. SM is being all confident saying that Oh! performance (choreography?) would top previous SNSD’s songs choreo. Well so far I love the choreo Rino made for Oh! but I’m not sure if it’s the best *coughITNWRemixcough*… but then again, SM stated it’s the performance that will be the best, so I’ll wait for the performance to see why SM is that confident. Plus the MV has a lot of missing dance sequences, right? I can’t wait for the January 30th to see the full choreography! 🙂

Oh btw, the album is out tomorrow! *I can’t wait to hear the JeTi duet!*