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Sorry, no comments as of now as I have to watch this myself. YES I CAME HERE AND POSTED BEFORE WATCHING MYSELF BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL!

Alright comment time! First, THANK YOU SMENT @ youtube for uploading, in my excitement, I did not credit you for about 10mins, I’M SORRY AND WE LOVE YOU!

Second, oh my goodness, I actually forgot that Korea is one day “ahead” of my timezone so the MV would be out today… needless to say, I’m estatic!

This MV totally exceeded my expectation, I LOVE IT. Seohyun blew me away with the first solo line. She is such a showstopper with her voice. TaeYeon was acting like the cheer captain, blowing whistles and leading the girls. All the outfits were so cute and hot and the concept of the video is great. (Only negative thing is, the beginning reminds me of another girl group’s MV.. who I cannot recall atm, but the room is very much alike… I’ll go snoop around and try to remember).

Hmm, it seems like SM splitted the parts to smaller ones so each girl can have more parts… I’m a bit confuzzled with so many parts but I’m sure I’ll memorize the routine and who sings what by the end of the week. It seems like SM is trying to promote Sunny Bunny alot more now? I saw her in the front alot and she got a lot of MV time, plus that whole chorus she was at the center spotlight spot.

The cheography looks amazing, I can tell I’m going to like this better than TMYW cheography. I love the part where they did Sica’s solo 2:29 all the way to Yuri’s solo around 2:38. I like the chorus dance part too, and some of the solo dance seems pretty different from their other dances so seriously: I likes!

Speaking of Sica, 1:20 was shown in the teaser… and my intial reaction was, since when did SM produce such obviously unsync’d dance? This MV explains it all! So cute 🙂 (Sorry, you have to watch to get what I mean!) But wooow HyoYeon looked like she poked really hard~ but its okay, the “don” can take it.

I couldn’t even recongnize 1:41 was Tiffany’s voice at first… I thought she was lipsyncing to Tae or something, but it sounds really good! I was so disappointed when they showed Sunny’s and Yoona’s face during the first “Oppa Oppa I’ll be down down down” but atleast they made it up at 1:24ish… though I’m still disgruntled she only got like 2 seconds as she had to share that line time with Yuri, HyoYeon, and YoonA. They should have just cut off Fany from other snippets and given her full face time for the line.

Another thing I was displeased with was HyoYeon’s hair during the pink outfits. I really hope she won’t get those bangs during live perfs, because that hair is just… horrifying. Atleast they made her hot in the other outfits :).

Ms. SooYoung Choi… man… @2:23… fanboys.. fangirls… crazy… -nods-. I was shocked… reminds me of that “It Jiggled” post we had (haha).

Lastly, the ending………… IS IT SYMBOLIC???? Could it be their next promotion!? We shall wait and see, but in the mean time: PLEASE SUPPORT OUR GIRLS AND PURCHASE THEIR SECOND ALBUM!