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At the Dream Team filming the other day, Tiffany fell(?) and sprained her wrist 😦 They took her to the hospital and we’re gonna probably see the big wrapped up arm on Star King. It’snothing serious, just a sprain and then other bruises. The filming was a tad rough but she should heal soon!

Also, on more Oh! news: Fans in Korean LOVE it, international fans vary a bit in their opinion but thats normal. As for that Rihanna issue..its not even a problem in Korea so lets not worry about it. Lastly, for the people talking about the “oppa” issue in the song:

silis7noy: Taeyeon played Oh! as the first song of the day~
And she just said this about the oppa thing: “The first thing we thought when we saw the oppa lyric was ‘Oh what about our unnies, girl dongsaengs and boy dongsaeng fans…’. Dear fans it is just for a concept you understand right?~ ^^”

Back to the Dream Team thing:

You can see Tiff at the recording, with her bandaged arm. credits; silis7noy