Nah, only her  character in an upcoming sitcom has no interest in education (I feel like I need to put extra emphasis on this knowing someone down the road is gonna freak lolol. Just her character, not herself obvi) ! I know the news comes late and the blog has been slow but hey better late than never 😛

I’m in a rush mode, so not really me writing the article. But let’s give a big congrats to Yuri for starring in another drama.

Also, one extra article at the bottom, along with 2nd album updates.

Jiwon Ye, Yujin Choi, Yuri were chosen for the sitcom following highkick through the roof (name has not been decided)

They are going to be sisters in the next sitcom

In this sitcom which describes love story of the three sisters,Jiwon Ye will be expected to bring back her popularity from “Old Miss Diary” that was broadcasted in 2004 and 2005

The second oldest sister Yujin Choi is getting rid of her intellectual and haughty image that was showin in SBS “Dream,” MBC “My Lady,” SBS “General Surgeon BongDalHee.” She is trying out new comic acting. Yuri will be acting as a girl who has just graduated Highschool and has no interest in college.

Yuri acted as a unruly High schooler in “Unstoppable Marriage” 2007

Highkick through the roof will be ending on March 19th

Original: http://news.nate.com/view/20100112n20086
Translated by: 탱구♡

And I know this blog has a LOT of T-ara fans so just another article to give you fans some excitement.

A member of T-ara, Hyomin, said that she would like to be closer with SNSD’s Sunny.

Hyomin revealed her hopes for new years on an upcoming KBS2 ‘Invincible Youth’ episode, which will be aired on the 15th. Hyomin said, “This year, I would like to avoid being edited out completely. Also, I would like to be closer with Sunny”.

“As long as I’m with Sunny, I’ll get more air time”, said Hyomin. It snowed so much that it was up to one’s knee. So Hyomin followed Sunny everywhere, while shoveling the snow.

When Kim Shinyoung saw this, she joked, “From now on, then we should call Hyomin ‘Sunbyung’ [a pun of Sunny+folding screen]”, and people laughed.

Then Han Sunhwa added, “I improved a lot because I was with Sunny; you can model her and learn a lot”.

Meanwhile, ‘Invincible’ team went out to shovel the snow in Hongchun, Kangwondo because it snowed over 30cm (more than 1ft).

Two days prior to the filming schedule, it has been snowing in Honchung. With fifty soldiers, the ‘Invincible’ team went there to shovel the snow on ginseng fields and roads in the vicinity of the church. It took a total of four hours to shovel over 2 000 pyong [approx. 71,170.975 675 sq ft].

Written by: Lee Kibum@asiae.co.kr
Translated by: cathode@soshified.com/forums


Lastly, Update

Correction: #SNSD Tiffany said on the phone that she was recording (for new album?) @ MBC Three Wheels (Quiz that Save the World).–Thanks to bossa747’s twitter

Also, according to his twitter, snsd is returning from vacation and getting ready to finish the 2nd album recordings. Album to be released in February.